Manual 365/95 Nyns yw unn tavas nevra lowr…

Cornwall is timeless, I spent an hour alone atop a cliff waiting for the sun to set with nothing but the sound of crashing waves far below and calling birds to serenade my thoughts.
It’s been 30 years since I came to Cornwall as a young teenager on holiday with my Grandparents, parents, sister and numerous dogs and now I’m back, with a family of my own. The thoughts and worries have changed somewhat but the scenery hasn’t and is breathtaking!

Port Isaac was stacked with Grockels (Of which I am one, I know!) but a short trip around the coast offered Port Quin, with its glorious little cove offering a very Waitrose-esk butty  van, caves, rockpools and hardly any people. We were there at mid day and the light was very harsh so I decide on a little ride out this evening and some long exposures on the beach.



All of the shots are JPEG and SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) and I will say that I’m missing Lightroom, if only to bring down the sky a little and up the cliffs to include some detail. I am shooting in Jpeg and RAW so will be able to edit the best when I get home.

The cliff top wait for sunset offered loads of shots but I’ve ether blown the sky (Sun There) or underexposed the cliffs (Sun not there) so I’m going to have to rely on the tools on the home PC when I get back. I did get some bracketed shots so will try out some HDR magic on those methinks.


And tomorrow? Tintagel, my most favourite place in ever! Move over Arthur!

Peace Peeps! x


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