Manual 365/91 More Rama

I could add a “D” but I won’t… So “Pano” it is then!


Revisit to Birdlip this afternoon and 5 shots blended using Photoshop and edited in Lightroom and a mahoosive 45.5mb of image. I can’t help feel that I need more sky in it though… And it needs to be printed!

And to all my work colleagues who got a card thrust into their hands earlier… Hello, you are obligated to click all the links below! And unfortunately Quedgeley is just off to the left.





I also have new glass so Focalthingys… um… focalthingy now stretches from 18 to 300mm… My oh my, what fun* am I going to have with that?

DSC_0450-Edit.jpg300mm @ f/13, 1/10sec. ISO100

*long distance photos of churches**

**That’s just weird!


Peace Peeps and thanks Grandad! x






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