Manual 365/88 HDR? Don’t Mind If I Do Nik, Thanks!

Occasionally things drop into your lap for free, sometimes you’ve got to go hunting but every now and then The Lucky Kipper slaps you right in the face. Take yesterday for example. The drive to the shoot on the Severn Estuary took just over an hour so I fired up my trusty iPhone and started listening to my usual podcasts, one of which being the PetaPixel Photography Podcast with Sharky James and he happened to mention that the Google owned Nik Collection is now free to download. It used to cost $500 (about 350 quids) but Google are now giving it away.

Well, I thought, this is too good to miss so when I got back last night I downloaded the software and started watching a few videos on you tube to get a general idea of the beast.

And what a beast it is. Have a look here for more information. But the one thing that really stood out was the HDR Efex Pro2 and so todays mission was born…

Now, where does an old Heathen like me go to launch his HDR journey?


Yup, St Michael’s Church in Mere. Godless I may be but I do appreciate the beauty and heritage contained within our churches, cathedrals and abbeys and St Michael’s is a particularly impressive church (I am bias).

The photo itself is a amalgamation of  10 different shots, from

1/125th secDSC_0291

Through to 3 secDSC_0300

Apart from the shutter speed the other settings were: 18mm @ f/6.3, ISO100

And then Nik did their stuff! I am well impressed! And that’s just one of the applications.


Same settings on this shot through 5 shots and a built in pre-set used to bring out the textures in the stone.

Really, I can’t say this enough but if you use Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture this free plug in is too good to miss!

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Not affiliated to Google in any way at all… Honestly!

Peace Peeps! x


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