Manual 365/83 Aldwincle… Twinned with Tiddleywink, Wiltshire (Twinnings that never happened)

When you’re on a mission with a camera to hand it’s never a dull day…

Actually, let me be really honest… It is the normal humdrum day but with built in purpose and the potential to be great and any day you visit Aldwincle is a great day !

It was getting late and my final destination was always going to be hard to hit. A broken down lorry on the M1 sealed the deal and my final today became my first tomorrow and in doing so enabled me to stop, Take a step off the A605 and stumble across Thorpe Waterville (A promising name) but alas, the grey skies and dying light were against me and all of the water fowl was just out of reach of my (soon to be rectified) 55mm lens.

The recent floods have left their mark but it was noticeable that the reeds had stood up to the barrage these two things provided todays shots.

After The Flood


Reed Bed


I did have a good mooch about and I’m sure this place will offer up some great pictures with a better lens and sky!
And then I met Janet, a local Lady out on her bike with a Canon strap hanging over her basket… Another Photographer!  The conversation turned to ISO within 30 seconds and I recognised the enthusiasm immediately.  And of course, this qualified for a card so Janet, I hope that you’ve taken a look, I would love to see your work and I was being honest about the swallow! (That little black dot)


As for the rest of you… All roads lead Aldwincle via Piddletrenthide, Tiddleywink, Twatt, and Slough…. All real places and now on my list (Citation required for Slough).
Peace Peeps! x


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