Manual 365/81 Pwew! Pwew! Barney, Mcgrew, Chewciggy, Windmill and Pub!

My name is Hans Salad and I arrived in Milton Keynes via the Degabar (M1) System but unfortunately, due to the rush hour it took 465 parsecs rather than the 12 I’m used to. I’d divert but the Kessel run’s a right bugger at that time of night and it was dark. Chewciggy, my trusted co-pilot managed to capture some long exposures of our attack on the Death Spud that has been threatening to annihilate The Keynes and cause up to £3.50’s worth of improvements, I can safely say that said Death Spud is now fully waffled!


As a reward for our bravery Prince Lypo allowed us to lodge at his Intergalactic Space Windmill / Pub (‘onestly Guv, it’s ‘undreds* of years old, they always used to build ‘em on the top of pubs, all the hot air you see…*tens)
After a satisfying meal of stuffed Tortilla and guockampol… Quackamol…… Salsa. I took a stroll around the glass landing pad and admired the small droids who uttered their admiration of my skill in dealing with the Death Spud using a strange alien quack.


Unfortunately, I think the peace is going to be short lived…

That’s no moon… No, just to the left a bit… Yes, I know, that is the moon but that, there… Oh, it’s Jupiter… My bad!



Peace Peeps! x


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