Manual 365/77 Old Mans Eyebrows and Catch Lights!

I know about Light rings, squares or stars. You can either build a structure using chicken wire and cheap florescent bulbs with a hole in the middle so you can poke your camera through, or you could buy a clip on flash that would fit around the rim of your lens, or… You could just get bored in a Premier Inn room, you’d have to choose one that’s received their most recent upgrade, with the neon purple “Mood” light behind the headboard and the light built into the vanity mirror (That’ll be the ring light then!).

DSC_9487.jpg55mm @ f/5.6, ISO 100, 1/15 sec

I’ve rotated the picture in Lightroom so the writing’s correct on the camera and it’s black and white because the vanity light made me look green!

I’m not a massive fan of pictures of me at the best of times and I was going to crop this down to just one eye and the lens but the wife loves it and she’s never wrong! ;o)

A couple of other shots from yesterday and today, there’s no real connection. The weather’s been great but there’s a fine mist everywhere and it kind of buggers up any landscape shots.

The Old QuarryDSC_945338mm @ f/32, ISO 100, 1/4 sec

The slow shutter speed added blur to the wind turbines on the right. This will be a future mission, to get some movement in turbines but I need to find a great location for that one.

HomeDSC_9497.jpg55mm @ f/5.6, ISO 100, 1/500 sec


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One thought on “Manual 365/77 Old Mans Eyebrows and Catch Lights!

  1. Beautiful pics as always and Sandys right – you look well fit Mr Hawkins! ( gosh, I don’t know where my appalling use of English just came from, do excuse me). XxX

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