Manual 365/75 Dante’s Puddle

It’s my blog and I can do anything I want and to prove that point I’m going to use a shot from yesterday… But first, my excuses…

Today was a hectic day, there were moments of madness, frustration, anger, laughter, What? really? ness, Déjà vu and boredom (The M6 and M5 will do that to you)… Generally, a normal day at work with just slightly more AAAAAGH! But a day at work none the less.

My camera was, for the most part, by my side but there was no moment, nothing that stood out. I had set my alarm for half four this morning to go back to the marina where I got last nights shot to maybe try out some more noisy shots… The alarm got reset at 4:05, to 6am (Normal time) so that’s as far as that got.

But, there is a bright side. When I started shooting yesterday I had forgot to set the camera to shoot in both RAW and JPEG. None of the tech I have while I’m away will allow me to open a RAW file so I had a number of shots that I hadn’t even seen (Apart from the screen on the back of the camera.) So, todays effort is from yesterday, but technically it’s from today…

Dante’s PuddleDSC_9385.jpg

And I’m going to use a couple of the long exposures I got yesterday that need some tweaking too!

There’s a reason they get nice sunsets…DSC_9395.jpg
55mm @ 30 seconds, ISO100, f/22 (Tripod)

The Hydro Carbon AlterDSC_9398.jpg
18mm @ 30 seconds, f/22, ISO 100 (Tripod)

Peace Peeps! (coughs) x




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