Manual 365/70 still No Smiling Cats…

-Where are we?


-What have you got?

~Well, we’ve got this 500 metre dip.
-Wow, is it special?
~Well, it’s been created by the footfall of people over two millennia going from over here to over there.
-Wow… Really?
~…. Really
-That really works, sinister, deep, medieval… What does it look like?
~A dip…
-A dip?
~And it used to be called The Valley Of The Demons…
-That could work… Does it need art?
-Any art?
~Well you could put Roman helmets on gate posts… If you really wanted too…
~And maybe a pole or two, with school projects…
-What are you going to do with that side?

~Aw nothing, the locals use it as a tip and that might be valuable in 1500 years…

-Oh.. Ok.


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