Manual 365/63 It’s Fricking Spring and Flower Power Cob!

Milton Keynes, such a strange place. They erect signs next to holes in hedgerows and travel using a grid system, well, me being me stepped off the grid and even though it was bloody freezing managed to find Spring pushing forward, heads bowed into the wind…

DSC_8551.jpg18mm @ f/3.5, 1/200 sec, ISO 100, Radial filter and vignetting moved to the left (Black) in Post but Bokeh was SOOC! ;o)

And also off the grid was a Cob who was also, off the Grid… Man! with hair (Mane) like this I would expect no less!




I have sought advice from someone who knows on his condition and while there are a number of things that aren’t great (Nose strap and tether) all in all he’s in good shape. Friendly too, a natural!

So much better than signs…DSC_8559*yawns*

Peace Peeps! (Puts a flower in your hair!) x



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