Manual 366 / well that buggered that up!

I’m ignoring the leap year… slightly!

A few of my pictures tell stories, that’s the secret to photography. Todays picture, taken in JPEG because I don’t have the luxury of RAW and LR on my works PC, kind of struck me, I managed to get to the Thames Barrier after weeks of trying, the light was good and I got a few shots of the structure, together with the Canary Wharf backdrop and even a few with aircraft coming into land at Docklands, but, when you step back a bit,


the most important aspect is not the structures, the accomplishment of man, it’s the young boy playing on the climbing frame with his mother looking on. I would hazard a guess he’s looked at the view and it held his attention for a moment or two but that climbing frame became the centre of his attention very quickly afterwards. That simple climbing frame that took a moment of time and a little bit of cash to design and a few days to build. Sometimes we just need to step back and think, years don’t change lives moments do! Hats off to the climbing frame designer and the happiness they’ve bought to those who will be the future!
And for the rest of us there’s the A1M


Peace Peeps! X

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