Manual 365/53 Studio set up: Tripod? Check, Camera? Check, Lighting?… iPhone? That’ll do, Box Of Beers? Hell Yeah!

Work at the moment has become frantic, lots going on and no chance of shots. I lie, there’s loads of shots but not having the camera to hand all of the time is a bugger!

The best I could try was a dark shot of the dashboard and some small light trails…. It didn’t work out. Wife to the rescue time, she loves Lillies. She loves them so much she actually went out and bought herself some a few days ago (Yes, I know it’s my job and I have said I will get the next lot) and they have just started to open so we have the bonus of a beautiful scent in the living room and stamens full of pollen so, not to miss the chance I whipped them into the kitchen and got the tripod out.


FL 55mm @ f/16 (I wanted a deep depth of field but still got Bokeh in the background!)  ISO 100, 0.8sec (It was under exposed but using LR to up the exposure ((and that’s all)) bought up the green without blowing the whites and I love the composition)

And where did the beer come in to it? I hear you ask…


I needed a stand for the light…

Have a gander at my web thingy I’m really quite proud of it.

And Twitter’s really starting to take off! Thanks if you’ve come from there and if not… Click the link!

Peace Peeps!




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