Manual 365/51 Mud Sucks… And So Do Grey Skies

A lot more years ago than I care to mention I used to kit myself out in daps and shorts and meet up with my mates down The Meads to go River Walking. The aim was to get into the river at point A and not get out of the river until point somewhere down there… I do remember it was always frickin’ freezing, sometimes the water was only up to our ankles. Other times we had to swim. The mud on the river bed was always thick, sucking and stinking! But it didn’t matter. Along the river there was a waterfall where, I would guess, in days gone by, there was some pump house or the like that used to supply the local farms. This has long gone but the falls are still there. So, in the bright sun of this morning I decided to make my way down there to get some long exposure shots.

By the time I managed to scale a few fences and slop through some very soggy fields the sun had disappeared and dull, featureless grey skies had taken over. And to top it off, the waterfall had become so overgrown with bracken the only thing that gave it away was the roar of falling water. Disappointed I turned for home.

I love where I live, always have and always will but sometimes, winter sucks!

And all I got was muddy boots!


That said, on the way back I did stop to get a few shots off and to be honest they weren’t the best.

I do know with long exposures you shut everything down, Aperture High f/36 (Small), ISO 100 and I’d even adjusted my exposure compensation to  -5 but even at a one second shutter speed my picture was very exposed.


I don’t know if different cameras could handle this but I was a tad  disappointed. Lightroom cleared it up somewhat and the Spot Removal tool worked quite well on the barbed wire so not a totally wasted day.


I have also revisited a few of my earlier shots today too and tried to make them a little more atmospheric using LR.

The Warmth Of StoneDSC_3532

Old FriendsDSC_3451.jpg

And I feel the need just to mention that my picture got a shout out and a Pick on Tony and Chelsea Northrups’ weekly live YouTube broadcast (My shots’ at 1:02.7) These guys have been a massive influence and their videos are informative and extremely easy to watch and I’ve even got their book; Stunning Digital Photography and it’s a great reference source and contains loads of videos too…

The Folly!DSC_3222.jpg


Peace Peeps!

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