Manual 365/18 Colour On The Cut

CSC_3272 (2).JPG

My god, how bloody hard is it to find something, anything, colourful at this time of year! A featureless grey sky and damp greens and browns! Thank god for the canal! These weren’t the prettiest of boats but I like the used, lived in feel that slight imperfections create.

I’ve used the built in editor on the camera to highlight the reds and blues and then converted to black and white. Nice little touch me thinks. The picture has been cropped slightly because of some pesky reeds on the right hand side that are insisting they’re red… They’re not, they’re brown.

The boats were on the Kennet and Avon Canal in Claverton  The road down is narrow and there is nowhere to turn and reversing out onto the Bath Road is a bit of a bugger…. That I found out!

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